Blueprint Two: Tests. Ross J. Robertson.

Blueprint Two: Tests

This Blueprint Two Tests book contains a series of eight write-in tests, each covering five units of the Blueprint Two course and, for consolidation purposes, two revision tests after every twenty units. The book tests the major language items commonly studied at elementary and pre-intermediate level. Blueprint Two Tests provides: Separate labelled sections within each test, designed to focus on the key learning areas of Grammar, Communication and Vocabulary Two revision tests focussing on each of these areas and, in addition, the skills of Reading and Writing A clear scoring system, accompanied by a score chart at the end of the book, to enable students and teachers to monitor progress effectively A free separate key for teachers, complete with notes on how to administer the tests in the most effective way. Blueprint Two Tests can be used alongside the Blueprint Two course, or as additional testing material to complement any elementary or pre-intermediate coursebook. Blueprint Two is a fully-integrated course for elementary and pre-intermediate students of English.
Автор Ross J. Robertson
Год 1999
ISBN 0-582-21058-5
Переплёт Мягкая обложка
Количество страниц 64
Код товара 9780582210585
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