100 Ancient Chinese Poems (+ CD-ROM). ISBN

100 Ancient Chinese Poems (+ CD-ROM)

Ancient Chinese poetry has delighted and moved readers throughout the ages. Now this anthology offers foreign students of Chinese at upper intermediate level the means to discover at first hand the beauty and consummate artistry of this fascinating body of verse. The anthology is centred around the Tang poems, but works of other dynasties are also included. A unique feature of this book is the provision of pinyin phonetic transcriptions. This will ensure that the readers have a clear understanding of the tone patterns, so vital to the appreciation of Chinese verse. Every poem is furnished with a commentary, notes on the language, and information about the poet.

Издательство Sinolingua
Перевод Xu Yuanchong , Wang Jianzhong
Серия Abridged Chinese Classic Series
Язык китайский, английский
Год 2010
ISBN 978-7-80200-395-8
Переплёт Мягкая обложка
Количество страниц 164
Тип издания Антология
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с 24 января 2019
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