AutoCAD Release 14 Update (R14)- Workbook

AutoCAD Release 14 Update (R14)- Workbook & CD-ROM (CADD DESKTOP TUTOR)

This student workbook accompanies the CADD Desktop Tutor, a multi-media computer-based training system available on CD-ROM. This update title for AutoCAD Release 14 will cover Autosnap, Running Object Snap, object properties, realtime zoom/pan, External References, viewing and publishing DWF files, Internet tools, customization features and bonus tools. Test your skills by performing the sample exercises, then check your work by using the Hints and complete solutions guide. Test your knowledge with the Review Questions and check your understanding with the correct answers that follow. Each CADD Desktop Tutor covers as much information as you would receive in 30 hours of classroom training, with the advantage that the instructor is available every time you use the software. This way you can "keep a Tutor in your computer"!

Авторы Richard Allen, Ron Myers
Язык английский
ISBN 1891502093
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с 22 июня 2018
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