Microsoft Office v.X Training by Keyko. Thierry

Microsoft Office v.X Training by Keyko

New! Keyko Self-Paced Training “ Built for Mac OS X” for Microsoft Office v. X This CD Training is "Built for Mac OS X" 3 CD-ROMs 36 Chapters 1310 Steps fully detailled 300 Quiz Tests These three interactive tutorial CD-ROMs can teach you how to use Microsoft Office v. X for the first time or help you acquire useful productivity skills to improve your efficiency. These cost-effective tutorials enable you to gain knowledge about the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs with techniques taken from professional computer training classes. Keyko have created training CD-ROMs that can help anyone get comfortable with computer software. This new training is “built for Mac OS X”, but the CD included a version to be use on Mac OS 7.6 through 9.2

Автор Thierry Tonnellier
Язык английский
ISBN 0970976178
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