WordPerfect: A Simple, Easy Approach featuring WordPerfect 10--A Component of WordPerfect Office 2002

WordPerfect: A Simple, Easy Approach, 10th edition, featuring office 10, is a complete-course series. It is designed to be covered over a two-semester term. Lessons 1-15 are for beginners, and lessons 16-30 are for more advanced students. The text is field-tested and consists of over five hundred pages with numerous, challenging, skill-building assignments in each lesson. Each lesson contains several exercises to reinforce the newly-introduced feature. The step-by-step directions and numerous illustrations guide the user from beginning to end.
Автор Irma Langston
Язык английский
Год выпуска 2014 г.
ISBN 0970792824
Переплёт твердый
Количество страниц 448 стр.
Размер 130x200 мм
Возрастная категория 16+
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с 7 февраля 2018
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