Learning Microsoft Word 2003. David Rivers

Learning Microsoft Word 2003

"Learning Microsoft Word 2003" with David Rivers is a movie-based tutorial for users who are either new to working with MS Office Word 2003, or those upgrading from a previous version of Microsoft Word. This workshop begins with a basic overview of the application and quickly advances to cover text formatting, styles, automatic text features, find/replace, proofing, shared workspaces, printing (including envelopes and labels) importing graphics, working with templates, customizing the toolbar and much more. Exercise files accompany the title, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace. A Few of the Many Topics Covered Include: - getting started - creating and saving documents - editing documents - editing documents - styles - using automatic text features - formatting paragraphs - formatting document pages - using find and replace - using proofing tools - taking control of your documents - using shared workspaces - printing documents, envelopes and labels - working with graphics - working with columns - working with tables - working with templates - integrating word files with other applications - getting help - working with toolbars Please Note: The "Learning Microsoft Word 2003" lessons are demonstrated on Microsoft Office 2003 for Windows. Due to differences in the Windows and Mac interfaces the lessons are not entirely consistent with Office X for Mac. The fundamentals of Word are similar on both the Windows as well as Macintosh platforms, such that users of Office X Word on the Mac can still learn the fundamentals of Word from these tutorials. As well, Mac OS X customers can purchase or view this title on a Macintosh. We plan to create Learning Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac OS X titles soon after that software is released.

Автор David Rivers
Язык английский
ISBN 1930727739
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