Maintaining a Trust Account Using QuickBooks

Maintaining a Trust Account Using QuickBooks, Second Edition

Maintaining Your Trust Accounts Using QuickBooks 2nd Edition is the book that takes the number one small business accounting program, QuickBooks, and shows you how to set up and maintain Trust Accounts - including how to handle - reporting for bar association compliance, handling IOLTA, multiple accounts for clients and more. By following the steps outlined in this book you can save time and money by eliminating the need for additional software to track trust accounts. This hands-on manual is complete with exercises and screen shots to make it simple to follow. Easy to read and understand, it is designed to help attorneys, paralegals, office managers or anyone that wants to use QuickBooks for Trust Accounting.

Автор Diana Lynette Benton
Язык английский
ISBN 0971926964
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с 22 июня 2018
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