Advanced Flash 5: Introduction to ActionScripting. Josh Ulm, Garo Green. ISBN: 1930727100

Advanced Flash 5: Introduction to ActionScripting

Advanced Flash 5: Introduction to ActionScripting with Josh Ulm and Garo Green is an instructional CD-ROM presenting the radically new object-oriented scripting mode introduced by Macromedia Flash 5. This CD-ROM offers completely new and original exercises developed specifically to teach the fundamentals of object-oriented programming inside of Flash. While traditional scripting methods are still accessible in Flash 5, adopting object-oriented methods will significantly change the way you develop Flash movies. Object-oriented programming will produce movies that are smaller, faster, more powerful and extensible. This CD-ROM breaks ActionScripting down into easy-to-understand fundamental concepts, so Flash developers can harness the power and complexity of Flash without relying on complicated single-use "tricks." The exercise files that are included allow you to learn at your own pace. Approximately 6 hours.
Авторы Josh Ulm , Garo Green
Язык английский
ISBN 1930727100
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