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Electronic Editing with MS Word and Adobe Acrobat

Although the tools for electronic editing have been available for more than a decade, copyediting has continued to lag behind other aspects of publication production in becoming fully computerized. The tradition of copyediting a double-spaced draft manuscript on paper has been so well ingrained that even into the 21st century, many publication operations in the United States still use this method. This is especially true in scientific and technical editing. In designing the editing features of Microsoft Word, Microsoft’s designers clearly envisioned "collaborating" on documents. Word’s features are designed for the purpose of passing a document among multiple colleagues who make few changes, or substantive changes, to the document. These tools can become clumsy when used for the high number of small changes typically made in copyediting. In this book you will learn the best ways to use the editing features of Word to handle various levels of editing. Adobe’s Acrobat is not intended for text editing, and therefore lacks basic editing functions such as spell check, find and replace and macros. In fact, Acrobat has minimal text editing capacity. But what Acrobat lacks in word processing, it makes up with good tools for annotating and indicating additional changes that should be made to a document—while not actually implementing the changes. Acrobat’s ability to display a document exactly the same way over the internet and across multiple platforms and printing devices makes it a good way to allow multiple reviewers to see and review a highly formatted document. Here's exactly what you'll learn: Introduction to Electronic Copyediting Customize Microsoft Word for Editing | Compare and Merge Documents | Compare Two Versions of a File | Explore Views of a Marked Up File | Change the Font Format and Color of Marked Up Changes | Use Grammar and Spelling Shortcuts | Mark Revisions While Editing | Protect Document for Changes | Track Changes by Multiple Authors or Reviewers | Incorporate Marked Changes Comments and Queries Insert a Comment and Change Views | Change the Comment Text Font Formatting | Merge and View Comments | Delete comments Find and Replace Use "Find WholeWords Only" | Use Match Case | Use Context Characters | Find and Replace Formatting | Find and Replace Special Characters | Find and Replace Symbols | Use Wild Card Character | Use Find All Word Forms | Use Sounds Like | Use the "Clean-Up Behind" Method | Use the "Disguise and Reveal" Method Macros Create a Custom Toolbar | Create a Macro | Create a Macro for a Find and Replace Task | Copy a Toolbar and Macros Onto a Template Copyediting with Adobe Acrobat Use Acrobat PDFWriter to Create a PDF From Word | Use Acrobat Distiller to Create a PDF From Word | Set File Security on a PDF | Use Acrobat’s Text Markup Tools | Use the Notes Tool | Export and Import Annotations | Work With Annotations From Multiple Reviewers

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