Powerpoint 2002 for Litigators. Deanne C

Powerpoint 2002 for Litigators

When PowerPoint® for Litigators was first published two years ago, it sold thousands of copies and garnered top awards, including ACLEA’s 2000 Award of Professional Excellence. Now, Deanne C. Siemer and Frank D. Rothschild present PowerPoint® 2002 for Litigators. This newest edition focuses on the improved persuasive capabilities of PowerPoint version 2002, included in the Office XP suite. Written by litigators for litigators, PowerPoint® 2002 for Litigators teaches you how to create and fashion PowerPoint slide presentations for successful advocacy in trial, mediation, arbitration, and appeal. A case file is included so that readers can learn step by step how to prepare and animate bulleted lists, document and photographic enlargements, callouts, time lines, relationship charts, and annotated diagrams. In addition, this book covers the new animation features of PowerPoint 2002, as well as collaborating and using narrations in slide shows, using audio clips, creating argument slides, and much more. PowerPoint® 2002 for Litigators includes a CD with a number of electronic exhibits for the case file. The exhibits include video clips, photographs, diagrams, transcripts, and other documents. The CD also contains a PowerPoint slide show for the case file with examples of the slides you will learn to create by using this book. By putting the learning exercises into a professional context, you can apply what you learn quickly and effectively. With this book learn how to: Prepare bullet lists for your openings Use animation features to make your points memorable Make the most of photo exhibits with PowerPoint’s labels Build slides that explain document exhibits effectively Use slides with video clips for cross-examination Avoid (and respond to) objections to your slides Display timelines to track key events Narrate slide shows for settlement Create argument slides for strong closings

Авторы Deanne C. Siemer, Frank D. Rothschild
Язык английский
ISBN 155681786X
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