Statistics with Mathematica. Martha L. Abell

Statistics with Mathematica

Mathematica's diverse capabilities make it particularly well suited to perform the many calculations encountered in statistics. This book introduces Mathematica for various types of statistical computations. It covers a broad range of topics, and should appeal to both students and professional statisticians. Key Features* Comprehensive: Covers the use of Mathematica for applications ranging from descriptive statistics, through multiple regression and nonparametric methods; uses virtually all of Mathematica's built-in statistical commands, as well as those contained in various Mathematica packages; Additionally, the authors have written numerous procedures to extend Mathematica's capabilities, which are also included on the CD-ROM* Easy to read: Uses "by example" approach authors have used in several other books about Mathematica: works for beginners and experts alike* Applied: Examples from diverse disciplines, including biostatistics, business, statistics, econometrics, engineering, and psychology* Up-to-date: Compatible with Mathematica Version 3* Includes CD-ROM: with all Mathematica inputs from text and also numerous procedures to extend Mathematica's built-in, statistical capabilities

Авторы Martha L. Abell, James P. Braselton, John A. Rafter
Язык английский
ISBN 0120415542
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