Developing Your First Expert System:  An

Developing Your First Expert System: An Interactive Tutorial on CD-ROM

An Interactive Tutorial on CD-ROM takes full advantage of today's interactive multimedia technology to deliver a complete course on expert systems development, from definitions and background information, to hands-on help in applying concepts mastered tothe development of expert systems. Concepts are introduced and demonstrated with a combination of text, sound, and pictures. The unique CD-ROM format allows each reader to proceed at his or her own pace, and is easily adapted for either individual or classroom study. Special features include interviews with leading professionals in the field and a convenient on-line glossary. The simple, logical organization of the software makes it easy for even a novice to navigate through the system. At the end of each segment, an assignment guides readers through the organized development of their own expert system prototypes. System Requirements: IBM-compatible computer with a 386 processor or above, Windows™ version 3.1 or higher, minimum of 4MB RAM, VGA display or better, CD-ROM drive, MPC-compatible sound card.

Авторы Jay Liebowitz , Christine Letsky
Язык английский
Год 2015
ISBN 0849332141
Переплёт мягкий
Количество страниц 16 стр.
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