Defeating Age Discrimination to Maximize

Defeating Age Discrimination to Maximize Your Job Search

This is a book about using gamesmanship to defeat age discrimination in your job search. It should be read by men and women in their forties and beyond who are job seekers or who potentially can enter the job marketplace before they retire. In fact, it should be read by workers of all ages, as everyone will need to be concerned about age bias at one time or another. At first glance, the subject of this book might lead you to surmise that this is a book about the legal or social aspects of age discrimination in our society today, or a guide to take action in the courts against injustices in the job marketplace encountered by aging workers. It is not. It is surprising to most people that after briefly perusing the table of contents, it becomes apparent that this is a practical guide on strategy and tactics on age-related issues in the job marketplace encountered by aging workers in their job search. It provides valuable advice on how to ethically disguise your age in your resume. There are instructions on using cosmetics, hair dye and other props to appear younger for the job interview. There are even tips on how to "sound" younger. The job marketplace has come down to this. A hiring manager will choose the 28-year old over the 50-year old of equal or higher qualifications on the basis of age. Illegal? Yes. Is it done? Yes. More than one might believe. This book is your weapon in this job marketplace. The goal is to win the game of the job search through gamesmanship.

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