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Online Learning, Word 2000, Lessons 61-120, Individual License: College Keyboarding

Online Learning is a new, browser-based instructions that is appropriate for distance education or as a supplement to classroom instruction with College Keyboarding Lessons 61-120 for Microsoft Office 2000. Online Learning includes lesson slides, quizszes, web links, enrichment materials, flashcards, interactive exercises, and on online reference of model documents. Online Learning is available in either HTML format or as a WebCT cartridge. A browser is required for either version. The Web CT versionalso offers access to e-mail, online chat, and a course calendar.

Авторы Susie Van Huss , South-Western Educational Publishing
Язык английский
Год 2014
ISBN 0538723505
Переплёт твердый
Количество страниц 128 стр.
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