Data Quality: The Accuracy Dimension 02671

Data Quality: The Accuracy Dimension

"Data Quality: The Accuracy Dimension" is about assessing the quality of corporate data and improving its accuracy using the data profiling method. Corporate data is increasingly important as companies continue to find new ways to use it. Likewise, improving the accuracy of data in information systems is fast becoming a major goal as companies realize how much it affects their bottom line. Data profiling is a new technology that supports and enhances the accuracy of databases throughout major IT shops. Jack Olson explains data profiling and shows how it fits into the larger picture of data quality. Provides an accessible, enjoyable introduction to the subject of data accuracy, peppered with real-world anecdotes. Provides a framework for data profiling with a discussion of analytical tools appropriate for assessing data accuracy.

Автор Jack E. Olson
Год 2003
ISBN 978-1558608917 1558608915
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Количество страниц 300
Модель 02671
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