VTC Training CD for Adobe Photoshop 7 07012

VTC Training CD for Adobe Photoshop 7

David Steer guides you through all aspects of using Access 95, a powerful relational database management system from Microsoft. Virtual Training Company makes learning the most challenging software easier. Open the program you want to learn. Open your VTC training CD. A friendly expert takes you smoothly from the basics of the program through every single feature. It's simple to apply what your learning as you go. Need help in the middle of a project? Use the CD's search function, and within secondsan expert is showing exactly what you need to know. VTC makes it possible for you to become an expert in far less time, at a much lower cost, than any other form of training.

Автор David Steer
Язык английский
ISBN 1889347272
Модель 07012
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с 22 июня 2018
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