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E-Business: Strategic Thinking and Practice

Canzer's comprehensive approach to e-business centers on four key areas of strategic planning: technology, management, marketing, and finance. In clear contrast to other texts that overlook both management and finance, Canzer offers a concise introduction ideal for e-business courses or principles of marketing and management courses. He offers a balanced presentation of theory and strategy with examples that illustrate how organizations implement plans in the real business world. E-Business accommodates interactive learning opportunities at the textbook web site, including online assignments such as cases and group projects from the author's own class (added each semester).The text focuses on what students need to know about developing, managing, and maintaining a successful e-business instead of the technical logistics of setting up a site. Examples and cases that involve today's most notable e-businesses—such as IBM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Siebel, and PeopleSoft—give students the most current perspective on the field available. An online journal and an index of relevant web resources offer dynamic reinforcement of concepts outlined in the text.

Авторы Brahm Canzer , John Abbott College
Язык английский
Год 2014
ISBN 0618226761
Переплёт мягкий
Количество страниц 352 стр.
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