Words@Work: Individual User CD-ROM. Vandalay

Words@Work: Individual User CD-ROM

Words@Work, individual user CD-ROM, connects the learner to the skills they need to succeed as a communicator and a contributor in today's workplace. Interactive graphics and workplace simulations reinforce essential grammar, workplace writing, and employability skills. Presented in the context of the real-world, Words@Work makes relevant learning engaging and fun. To view a demo visit www.wordsatwork.swep.com/ System Requirements: Windows 95 or higher; 486 processor or better with at least 20 MB freehard drive space; at least 8 MB RAM; Internet connection and Web Browser are required to use Web Links.

Автор Vandalay Group
Язык английский
Год 2014
ISBN 0538690496
Переплёт твердый
Количество страниц 240 стр.
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