The Computer Animator's Technical Handbook. Lynn Pocock, Judson Rosebush. ISBN: 0125588216

The Computer Animator's Technical Handbook

This is a complete, in-depth reference that will be of enormous value to anyone in the computer animation field-from students to established professionals to the many traditional animators who find themselves drawn to the computer-based world. The Computer Animator's Technical Handbook distinguishes itself by giving full attention to the motion that defines animation (as opposed to the modeling that produces the still image) and the often-neglected production processes that make it possible. Thework of two widely recognized computer animation experts, this book is destined to become the standard reference for professionals throughout the industry and a popular text in classrooms.* Introduces basic concepts, explores advanced issues, andprovides detailed coverage of everything in between* Designed to allow readers to follow its explanations on either of two levels: a general level that outlines key concepts and an advanced level that gives readers a complete understanding of the topic* Covers every aspect of time-based imagery and media: film, video, production processes, traditional animation, Kinematics, Dynamics, and much more* Software-independent in its coverage, and thus assured to appeal to the largest possible audience* Filled with full-color illustrations, many the work of industry leaders
Авторы Lynn Pocock , Judson Rosebush
Язык английский
ISBN 0125588216
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