Programming the Parallel Port: Interfacing

Programming the Parallel Port: Interfacing the PC for Data Acquisition & Process Control

Why purchase expensive add-on cards or bus interfaces when you can develop effective and economical data acquisition and process controls using C programs? Using the under employed printer adapter (that is, the parallel port of your PC, you can turn yourcomputer into a powerful tool for developing microprocessor applications. Learn how to build a complete data acquisition system and such varied applications as a CCD camera controller, a photometer interface, and a wave form generator. The book also covers the Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP), the Extended Capabilities Port (ECP), interfacing Analog to Digital converters, and data acquisition under Linux. This extraordinary software approach to interfacing through the parallel port will be especially appealing to programmers involved in control systems design and device development, as well as to those who work with real-time and embedded systems.

Автор Dhananjay V. Gadre
Издательство Elsevier Academic Press
Язык английский
Год 2003
ISBN 0879305134
Переплёт Мягкая обложка
Количество страниц 308
Код товара 9780879305130
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