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Transaction Processing : Concepts and Techniques

The key to client/server computing. Transaction processing techniques are deeply ingrained in the fields ofdatabases and operating systems and are used to monitor, control and updateinformation in modern computer systems. This book will show you how large,distributed, heterogeneous computer systems can be made to work reliably. Using transactions as a unifying conceptual framework, the authors show howto build high-performance distributed systems and high-availabilityapplications with finite budgets and risk. The authors provide detailed explanations of why various problems occur aswell as practical, usable techniques for their solution. Throughout the book,examples and techniques are drawn from the most successful commercial andresearch systems. Extensive use of compilable C code fragments demonstratesthe many transaction processing algorithms presented in the book. The bookwill be valuable to anyone interested in implementingdistributed systemsor client/server architectures.

Авторы Jim Gray, Andreas Reuter
Год 1992
ISBN 1558601902
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Количество страниц 1070
Код товара 9781558601901
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