COBOL for the 21st Century, 10th Edition. Nancy  Stern, Robert A.  Stern, James P.  Ley. ISBN: 0471073210

COBOL for the 21st Century, 10th Edition

A hardy perennial! Despite years of dire predictions, COBOL is still thriving. In fact, it's practically a perennial. New version of COBOL for PCs now enable you to use COBOL to develop interesting graphical user interfaces, create Web pages, and even incorporate components from other languages such as Visual Basic. Now with COBOL FOR THE 21ST CENTURY, 10/E, you can take advantage of these exciting new developments and learn how to become a master COBOL programmer. Features: * Includes new integrated coverage of interactive programming. * Shows how to design programs that area easy to read, debug, modify, and maintain. * Covers information processing and systems concepts that will help you interactwith users and systems analysts when designing programs. * Introduces you to programming tools such as pseudocode and hierarchy charts that make program logic more structured, modular, and top-down. * Presents useful techniques for maintaining and modifying older "legacy" programs. * Includes a student CD containing all data for all programming assignments as well as the full Practice Program from each chapter.
Авторы Nancy Stern , Robert A. Stern , James P. Ley
Язык английский
ISBN 0471073210
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