Powerpoint for Litigators: How to Create

Powerpoint for Litigators: How to Create Demonstrative Exhibits and Illustrative AIDS for Trial, Mediation, and Arbitration

Written by litigators for litigators, Powerpoint for Litigators teaches you not only how to create PowerPoint slide presentations, but also how to fashion slides for successful and persuasive advocacy in trial, mediation, arbitration, and appeal. Choose from three case files--Business Contract, Criminal, or Personal Injury--to learn step-by-step how to prepare and animate bulleted lists, document and photographic enlargements, callouts, time lines, relationship charts, annotated diagrams, and more. Whether you are a computer neophyte or an experienced PowerPoint user, this book is designed to incorporate easily PowerPoint 97 or PowerPoint 2000 in your arsenal of advocacy skills. PowerPoint for Litigators comes with a CD-ROM that includes a number of electronic exhibits for each case file so you can import and utilize them in your own PowerPoint slide presentations. The exhibits include video clips, photographs, diagrams, reports, transcripts, and other documents. The CD also contains a PowerPoint slide show for each case file showing examples of the slides you will learn to create by using this book. By putting the learning exercises into a professional context, you can apply what you learn quickly and effectively.

Авторы Deanne C. Siemer , Frank D. Rothschild , Edward R. Stein , Samuel H. Solomon
Язык английский
ISBN 155681674X
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с 22 июня 2018
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