Built on Solid Principles: the Melaleuca

Built on Solid Principles: the Melaleuca Story

Since its inception in 1985, Melaleuca, Inc. has been one of the fastest-growing businesses in America, with annual sales that grew to $300 million in little more than a decade. Behind its phenominal success lies the story of president and CEO Frank VanderSloot's personal growth - a country boy once rated as lacking in leadership qualities who took a failed business and transformed it into an American dream. Adhering to the basic principles he absorbed from his beloved, hard-working Idaho father, Frank's achievements show that a business based on principles and integrity can flourish, and his concept of Consumer Direct Marketing is setting the pace for a new style in American business. "Built on Solid Principles" is informative, captivating and truly inspirational.

Авторы Richard M Barry, Richard M. Barry
Язык английский
ISBN 0966592409
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