How to Produce Fabulous Fundraising Events

How to Produce Fabulous Fundraising Events: Reap Remarkable Returns with Minimal Effort (Book & Diskette)

If you have ever experienced a fundraising event that was too much effort for the return, this book is for you! You learn the secrets of selecting the right fundraising event for your organization; gain practical tips and tools for attracting, supervising and appreciating your event volunteers and learn to plan, publicize and evaluate your event to guarantee its success. After reading this book you will be motivated and feel confident to put on an event that involves key community leaders, raises significant funds and, best of all, creates only minimal work for salaried and volunteer staff. Truly two books in one, the book also features a step-by-step guide to producing a perfect event, proven successful for hospitals, nonprofit organizations and churches. You will want to share it with everyone who leads fundraising events! The accompanying PC diskette is a great time saver containing numerous forms, letters, lists, budgets, criteria selection and more the reader can adapt to his/her own organization or event!
Авторы Betty Stallings , Donna McMillion
Язык английский
ISBN 0963456024
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с 22 июня 2018
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