Small Club Start-up : A Personal Trainer's

Small Club Start-up : A Personal Trainer's Guide

About 60% of the U.S. population is overweight and only 10% exercise. Large corporate gyms and home-use equipment are not meeting the needs of this country. Enter the small health club - the third alternative. The time has never been better to start a small health club. This book explains how the small clubs can be successful even among larger clubs by offering better service and getting results. Small Club Start-up is a "how-to" book designed to give personal trainers interested in owning and operating a small health club guidance. It outlines what it takes to start and operate a club successfully. The book examines the author's experiences of owning a club thus giving the reader the advantage of his experience. The book is concise and to the point and covers the tax advantages and promotion of the small club. It also covers selection of weight training equipment and market feasibility. Anyone interested in starting a club should read this book before embarking on the endeavor as itcovers many aspects of the business that may not be considered. The author has gone through many trials and tribulations in owning a club and he shares these to help others not make the same mistakes.

Автор Ron Fay
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ISBN 0970692005
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