Women's Guide to Financial Self-Defense з55-МА

Women's Guide to Financial Self-Defense

Do you know exactly how much your husband is worth? Where all his investments are? How much credit you can get on your own? What property or bank accounts should be put in your name? How much debt you are in? Not knowing the answers to basic money questions is dangerous to your financial health. Husbands can die, divorce their wives, or become disabled. Each of those events is painful enough without suffering a financial disaster as well. Don't let it happen to you. In this empathetic, user-friendly handbook, June Mays, vice president at a national brokerage firm, takes you by the hand and gently leads you through the money matters you need to deal with. Designed specifically for the woman who hates numbers, this book makes planning and record keeping easy. Most of all, it puts you in control so you can handle whatever today, or tomorrow, brings. Features: · Your Notebook: A simple, easy to-do project that leads to complete financial organization in thirty days. · How to Talk with a Spouse about Money: A guide on what to say, how to say it, and when he'll really listen. · Step-by-Step Strategies: Do-it-yourself instructions for every financial situation from insurance to taxes.

Автор June Mays
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ISBN 0446672645
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