All Together Now: Records, Instructions and

All Together Now: Records, Instructions and Wishes for Those You Love

Save your loved ones TIME, ANGUISH and MONEY!! Our busy lives leave us little time to get our personal and financial affairs in order and our good intentions don't leave much for our spouse, children or loved ones to work with if we are suddenly disabled or die. We want to be in control, but it's so hard to get organized! To make matters worse, family members are scattered across the country and we seldom discuss things like where we keep important papers, what to do in a medical emergency situation, our healthcare preferences, household instructions, (ex., how to start the lawn mower, or fill the water softener),pet care instructions, (ex., favorite foods, daily habits and the vets name), and the list goes on and on. We love our family and would like to save them anguish regarding decisions about our healthcare. To save them time looking for papers, guessing at your final wishes for them and their beloved pet. To save them money on legal expenses, time off work, etc. Well, it just got easier! Get the easy-to-use, fun-to-do book All Together Now: Records, Instructions and Wishes For Those You Love. This book will help you get organized, stay in control, write your own story and provide you with valuable information. You'll find health information resources, questionnaires to help you choose a home healthcare provider or long-term care nursing facility, as well as definitions of long-term care insurance policy provisions and guidance to choosing a long-term care policy. Executor duties are explained and as an added bonus, you'll find short stories and quotes to enlighten and entertain and much, much more!! Your family will be forever grateful that you took time to record your instructions and wishes. All Together Now justmay be the most loving gift you'll ever give.

Авторы Alan D. Schultz, Elaine Todd
Язык английский
ISBN 0965916901
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