The Art of Closing Any Deal : How to Be a

The Art of Closing Any Deal : How to Be a Master Closer in Everything You Do

THE ART OF CLOSING ANY DEAL gives readers the inside knowledge to overcome any barrier--and successfully make the close every time! THE ART OF CLOSING ANY DEAL takes readers into the trenches of the psychological war called selling--and who better than sales guru James W. Pickens to give them the hard-hitting ammunition for every type of customer out there. From the "I'm just looking" to the "Know-it-all" to the "I don't care" and the "yes-man", Pickens takes aim at them all. Readers will learn to control buyers since the author's simulated conversations will arm them with winning and positive comebacks for every negative customer reply. Closing secrets include: deadly closing tips to make people buy; unbeatable closer responses to the most common objectives; how to read the customer's emotions and use perfect timing to nail the lid on the final close; and more. Readers will ultimately learn how to conquer buyers, as Pickens' take-no-prisoners techniques show them how to move in for the final attack.

Автор James W. Pickens
Язык английский
ISBN 044667785X
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с 22 июня 2018
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