Zero Resistance Selling. Maxwell Maltz, Dan

Zero Resistance Selling

What's the single biggest obstacle salespeople face? Resistance. In Zero-Resistance Selling, five of the most respected sales authorities in America have joined together to prepare the first and only customized application of Psycho-Cybernetics toovercome all types of sales resistance. Any sales representative or sales management professional can use Maxwell Maltz's high-powered battery of mental training exercises to enhance selling ability and get immediate results. Topics include conquering call reluctance, creating your own zero-resistance selling environment, anticipating and eliminating stalls and objections, selling effectively even when you're in over your head, converting stress into power and zooming out of selling slumps. Once learned, these durable techniques will last through a lifetime of professional selling. Lifting the art of sales to a whole new level, Zero-Resistance Selling is destined to take its place alongside How to Win Friends and Influence People, Think and Grow Rich and other perennials as an all-time sales classic.

Авторы Maxwell Maltz, Dan S. Kennedy, William T. Brooks, Matt Oechsli, Jeff Paul, Pamela Yellen
Язык английский
ISBN 0735200394
Код товара 9780735200395
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