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Internet Marketing 3rd Edition with Wall Street Journal Handbook Set

Covers the complete topic, including an introduction to marketing on the Internet, sections on online promotion and communication, computer mediated selling, providing Web content, and a section on new Internet business functions and opportunities. This new text comes with a complete instructor's manual and Web site and an Internet Marketing Web Companion, an online support to the text, which provides students with Internet exercises, self-study quizzes, and much more. The text sets four major goals for students: 1. To become familiar with the ways that the Internet and ubiquitous networked devices are changing business in general and marketing in particular. 2. To learn how firms leverage the interactivity of the Internet to create business advantage. 3. To study the use of the Internet for communicating, selling, providing content and making markets. 4. To gain a wealth of hands-on Internet experience with numerous online activities, questions, assignments, projects and cases.

Автор Charles F. Hofacker
ISBN 0471215651
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