Tangled Up In The Past. Bob Ferchat, Tony

Tangled Up In The Past

Opportunity missed . . . No corporation in the world was better placed to drive the development of the Internet in its infancy than AT&T and IBM. Yet these icons of industrial excellence, blinded by success that limited their vision, refused to get in at the birth of the dominant medium of the 21st Century, referring to stick to their traditional paths. Tangled Up In The Past tells the story of that opportunity missed . . . and the billion-collar consequences still reverberating in today’s headlines. And because only a Luddite would think the flow of opportunities has stopped, the lessons for today’s corporate leaders continue to be inescapably essential. Tangled Up In The Past brings to life a compelling theme: In a fast-changing world, it is never enough to concentrate only on your core competencies. Rather, leaders need to exercise a constant, rigorous peripheral vision, searching for possibilities beyond today’s focus. For the only future we can rely on is the one we make. For people who are thoughtful about business strategy and hungry to put to use those small blocks of time everyone has – on a commute, in an airplane, just prior to sleep – this is An Hour’s Good Read

Авторы Bob Ferchat, Tony Carlson
Язык английский
ISBN 0973045310
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с 22 июня 2018
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