Agentry Agenda: Selling Food in a Frictionless

Agentry Agenda: Selling Food in a Frictionless Marketplace

Agentry Agenda explores the substantial and inevitable changes facing the Food Industry's "logistics productivity" model in the near future. The forces of change, flat population growth and saturation of stores and products in developed markets have created significant "False economics" under the current mass marketing model. Meanwhile the technology advantage or information power has clearly shifted to the shopper. The convergence of these forces will literally turn the Industry Model "upside down", making the mass marketing, product distribution model obsolete. The industry needs to quickly move to the "Marketing Productivity" if it is to survive. Agentry Agenda suggests a Frictionless model, in which shoppers have "barrier free access" to the products they want and manufacturers/suppliers have "barrier free access" to their targeted shoppers. Perfect commerce! Retailers turned Agents will compete by creating the value added shopping experience, real and virtual. Manufacturers will compete on the true value of their products. Both will work on a parity basis, in satisfying the shoppers' needs because the economics of the industry will match the realities of the current marketplace. The book provides an economic model that demonstrates how the retailers and manufacturers, who adapt to the Agentry Model, will be more profitable and create long-term shopper loyalty. "It's a great time to be in the Grocery business" if you are willing to adapt. The book offers the Agentry Model as one possible future scenario, in which the shopper, the manufacturer and the retailer, all win. The model is based on 9 principles, the most important of which is the matching of revenues with true shopper value created. This alone will eliminate the huge "false economics", which currently make the supermarket industry so open to attack by outsiders. Hopefully the book will start a movement that develops the "marketing productivity" business model, in place of continually trying to fine-tune the logistics productivity model of yesterday and today.

Автор Glen A. Terbeek
Язык английский
ISBN 1928948006
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с 22 июня 2018
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