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General Aviation Marketing and Management

The second edition of General Aviation Marketing and Management retains the purpose of the first edition: to provide an extensive survey of the role of general aviation in our air transportation system and assess its impact upon the economy. All of the functions in the marketing process are thoroughly covered. The text has been critically reviewed, updated, and revised where appropriate. Part I which presents an introduction and overview of the general aviation segment and the role of the FBO (fixed baseoperator) has been greatly expanded with new sections covering the major factors causing the decline in general aviation aircraft sales from the late 1970s through the mid 1990s and industry initiatives that reversed this trend during the late 1990s. Thesignificance of the General Aviation Revitalization Act of 1994 is thoroughly explored. Part II focuses on the marketing and management processes as they apply to general aviation aircraft. New examples have been introduced into the transportation needs assessment and costs/benefits analysis. The chapter describing methods of using business aircraft has been expanded to include company-owned aircraft operated by management companies and fractional ownership programs. The second edition has added a comprehensive listing of over 500 general aviation web sites. Like the first edition, this book will benefit the college aviation student who, as a prospective manager, must recognize and appreciate the role of general aviation in the air transportation system and the marketing and management functions of an FBO; the corporate pilot with responsibility for aircraft evaluation; and FBO's engaged in marketing and management.

Авторы Alexander T. Wells , Bruce D. Chadbourne
Язык английский
Год 2014
ISBN 1575241927
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