Yeargin on Management 127000-256. Bill Yeargin

Yeargin on Management

"Yeargin on Management" is a collection of sixty eight management columns published by the Bill Yeargin from 1995 through 2001. Bill receives many requests each month for copies of his past coulumns and now they are all available together in this one book. Bill's columns cover many management topics including strategic management, communication issues, hiring and firing, customer service and various employee related matters. Each column is written in an easy to understand manner that includes specific points that managers can apply immediately after reading the column. Bill has travelled the world meeting with managers and discussing thier management issues. In this book he shares what he has learned in his years of experience by clearly outlining what it takes to be a successfull manager and leader.

Автор Bill Yeargin
Язык английский
ISBN 0971966400
Модель 127000-256
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