201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business:

201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business: Revised & Updated Edition

The first edition of 201 Great Ideas was hailed by the Merrill Lynch Business Center as "a book any small-business owner will want to have in easy reach." Now, answering the need presented by a much-changed commercial climate, entrepreneurial journalist Jane Applegate has thoroughly retooled the book that Tom Peters (co-author of The Search for Excellence) called "brilliantly researched, brilliantly written." Along with timeless advice from Applegate and many other small business experts, this edition includes ten new ideas for managing, organizing, promoting, and improving a small business in today's environment. Each strategy includes step-by-step directions for carrying it out, and an expanded index has been added. Any entrepreneur looking for an edge needs this book. • Revised to address changes in technology, competition, and business strategy and with updated resources • New sections on finding a partner, looking big in cyberspace, and protecting intellectual property • Examples and advice directly from successful entrepreneurs

Автор Jane Applegate
Язык английский
ISBN 157660117X
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с 22 июня 2018
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