Crossing Boundaries: The Deployment of Global

Crossing Boundaries: The Deployment of Global IT Solutions

Today businesses are implementing global information technology (IT) solutions to support their worldwide business activities. The deployment of such solutions represents new challenges for many companies, and there are few industrywide accepted practices or guidelines to draw on. This book, based on research into the experiences of several businesses, addresses key questions that must be answered to initially implement a solution and provide long-term viability for that solution. The book further analyzes the unique nature of global (versus domestic) IT solutions and identifies successful practices for deploying them. Particular attention is focused on how companies successfully use specific deployment processes, control and coordination mechanisms, and change management techniques.

Авторы Ph. D. Rosann Webb Collins, Ph.D. Laurie J. Kirsch
Язык английский
ISBN 1893673014
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с 22 июня 2018
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