The Family Business Succession Handbook.

The Family Business Succession Handbook

The Family Business Succession Handbook is a practical guide to transferring leadership and ownership to the next generation. It is totally dedicated to helping business owners understand -- and successfully resolve -- the myriad issues that arise when afamily firm enters the problematic territory of succession planning. Prepared by the editors of Family Business, the authoritative quarterly magazine for family business owners, the Handbook is a comprehensive "how to" manual that distills the best advice from an array of top-flight experts and actual family business owners. Focusing closely on the real-life situations every business owner faces, the Handbook covers such criticalities as: How you can give your family's firm the best chances for continued prosperity and growth under the next generation. What present owners should do now to provide for their retirement needs and achieve tax efficient, long-term security. What members of the next generation should do now to prepare themselves for future leadership and control. What techniques the best family firms have used to make sure that succession, ownership and wealth transfer are handled in a fair manner that respects the concerns of all stakeholders. The truth is that some successions are naturally easy, and others are complex and difficult. But whatever the circumstances, the effectiveness of a succession plan ultimately depends on the current generation's foresight and planning and the succeeding generation's preparation and readiness to take over. Expertly organized, clearly written and to-the-point, The Family Business Succession Handbook is designed to be a trusted, hands-on advisor to both generations as -- together -- they set the stage for this major transition in their company.

Авторы Mark Fischetti , Mark Fischetti
Язык английский
Год 2014
ISBN 0967374510
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