Beep! Beep! : Competing in the Age of the

Beep! Beep! : Competing in the Age of the Road Runner

"A must-read for any leader...loaded with practical and humorous insight...right on target." -Rob Robins, executive vice president, Visa USA If you're like most red-blooded business managers, you grew up watching a scruffy coyote futilely chasing a colorful bird. Now you're competing against companies started by twenty-two-year-olds who sleep under their desks. Be honest: In today's business world, who is chasing whom? In business today you are either a Wile E. Coyote or a Road Runner. If you're using old solutions to new problems and are pathologically in love with "Acme Products," you are a Wile E. Coyote. This book is designed to help you and the people who work with you become Road Runners-road warriors in a new era of supercharged, superchanging business competition. A brisk, informative, and highly entertaining read, BEEP! BEEP! gives you hard-hitting real-life lessons for the new millennium, including ways to: * make your own rules, set your own agenda, and speed up your company in the racefor success * streamline your organization and prepare it for warp speed * create a culture of curiosity and resourcefulness for your staff, and turn the people around you into innovators * use the free-market system to liberate yourself and your organization * benefit from technology that levels the playing field and allows small entrepreneurs to outrun multinational corporations. From "The Seven New Rules of the Road" to case histories of business managers who have outsmarted and outrun the competition, BEEP! BEEP! challenges you to become faster, smarter, more flexible, and have fun along the way. After all, in this century, Road Runners will rule...BEEP! BEEP!

Авторы Oren Harari , Chip R. Bell
Язык английский
ISBN 0446676543
Модель DMS-73-91450
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