The IT Value Quest: How to Capture the Business

The IT Value Quest: How to Capture the Business Value of IT-Based Infrastructure

Although the potential of information technology (IT) is beyond dispute, it proves to be very difficult to evaluate its true business value. In the present competitive business arena, modern IT provides the enabling infrastructure for efficient and effective business operations, leveraging business improvements and securing a competitive edge. Capturing the value of this IT-based infrastructure is often considered as the most critical and yet the most complex part of managerial decision-making. Many managers do not try to justify their expenditure or measure whether their money was well spent. This situation has become unacceptable in the light of the rising costs and uncertain benefits of this increasingly important type of business investment. The callfor more financial returns and more ‘value for money can no longer be ignored. Making the right investment evaluations will make the vital difference between business success and failure. This book provides a unique perspective on assessing and creating business value from investments in IT-based infrastructure and, more importantly, it shows how the role of IT-based infrastructure is critical to obtain the full benefits of IT.

Автор Theo J. W. Renkema
Язык английский
ISBN 0471988170
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с 22 июня 2018
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