Investing for Dummies, Third Edition 611869

Investing for Dummies, Third Edition

It’s been said, and too often quoted, that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. To these can be added one more: being confused by investing. But remember that no one is born with financial knowledge. It's acquired over time. Ifyou’ve succeeded in accumulating some money to invest, congratulations! You’ve already accomplished a feat that the majority of people haven’t done yet. But with the increased coverage of the investment world, you may think that investing times have changed. But to a large degree, things haven’t changed all that much. Investments that were lousy years ago are still considered lousy today. But the best investments for building wealth – stocks, real estate, and small business – haven’t changed. Whether you have a modest or immodest economic means, this easy-to-use guide can help you understand how to increase your wealth by Living within your means and systematically saving and investing money, ideally in a tax-favored manner. Buying and holding stocks, ide ally through the best mutual funds. Building your own small business or career. Investing in real estate. Equally, if not more, important isunderstanding and choosing investments compatible with your personal and financial goals. Nearly every professional athlete, movie star, or business big shot that gets on the evening news by making an investment blunder and losing considerable money could have – and should have – avoided the error. With Investing For Dummies, 3rd Edition, you'll discover how to do just that. You'll also Cut through the jargon and get to the heart of what investments are. Figure out what rate of return you can expect and how much risk you should take to get it. Explore the financial markets and how you can participate. Research stocks and how to best buy them. Uncover the best resources to use and theexperts worth listening to. You don’t need a fancy college degree or a rich mom or dad to invest money. What you do need is a desire to practice simple yet powerful lessons and strategies. This book can help by showing you everything you need to start and maintain and investment program.

Автор Eric Tyson
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ISBN 0764524313
Модель 611869
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