Achieving Business Value from Technology

Achieving Business Value from Technology: A Practical Guide for Today's Executive

Clearly, IT investments have never before played such a critical part in business growth. The book addresses the weakness existing in most management systems involving the lack of a systematic process to realize the economic benefits of the IT investment and provides a clear A-Z methodology for business to bridge this gap. This book is clearly written for all levels and backgrounds in business management and is a must-do for those whose business involves IT, is considering IT, or would like to significantly tailor IT investments for their economic advantage. Professor Richard P.Wool, University of Delaware President and CEO, Cara Plastics Inc. Tony Murphy addresses the difficult question of the value of IT investments head on. He translates an elegant theory into effective practice. The case studies in the book effectively reinforce his key messages. Dr. Dermot Moynihan Senior Vice President, World Wide Chemical Development,...

Автор Tony Murphy
Издательство Wiley
Язык английский
Год 2002
ISBN 0471232300
Количество страниц 254
Код товара 9780471232308
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