BizPricer Business Valuation Manual w/Software. Russell L. Brown. ISBN: 0965740056

BizPricer Business Valuation Manual w/Software

BizPricer Business Valuation Manual w/Software" is a user-friendly, extremely cost-effective resource for prospective business buyers and sellers (and business brokers) who need to know the fair market value of a business! The 32 page Manual includes a Microsoft Excel based CD-ROM software program. "BizPricer Business Valuation Manual w/Software" walks the user through the valuation process without getting involved with complicated academic theory. BizPricer accomplishes all of the calculations for you. All you do is enter the company’s financial data. No financial expertise or specialized knowledge is needed. The software uses the Microsoft Excel™ program on your computer. No questionable software program to load that could cause problems with your system! Save hundreds to thousands of dollars over hiring an appraiser to provide you with a similar result. Use the software over and over again for a "what-if" analysis. BizPricer™ uses the same valuation method used by the author/business appraiser (and many other appraisers) in hundreds of business valuations and verified against actual transaction data and real-world results. BizPricer even calculates the Goodwill value in the business! Business Buyers: Don't overpay for an over-priced business! Estimate a solid fair-market value for the business you're considering buying. Experience shows that many businesses are overpriced by at least 50% if the seller or business broker has set the price without a professionally based appraisal. Use the BizPricer results in your negotiations to establish a fair price for the business. Business Owners: What's your business really worth? Don't leave money on the table! Find out now what your business might sell for in a fair-market transaction. Learn what to do to maximize the selling price. Do a "what if" analysis to see what expenses need to be cut to greatly increase the business's value and by how much. Use BizPricer as a planning tool to unlock the hidden value in your business. Business Brokers and Real Estate Agents: Forget trying to figure out the fair-market value of a business on the back of an envelope or by using expensive software that calculates dozens of different values using several different methods that have little relationship to the real world. Calculate a fair market value for the business that makes sense for both buyers and sellers. Don't waste your time trying to market an overpriced business that won't stand up to the negotiation process. BizPricer will: - Determine the actual and projected available cash flow for the business. - Calculate the risk-factor multiplier used in determining the business value. - Factor in the current assets and adjust for liabilities to be assumed. - Determine the Goodwill/intangible asset value. - Calculate the overall business value including all assets and liabilities. BizPricer will create: - Reconstructed Income and Expense Statements - Available Cash Flow Projections - Continued Operations Risk Assessments and a Valuation Multiplier - A Capitalized Valuation Estimate (the fair market value) NOTE: You must already have Microsoft’s Excel program installed on your computer (any version, MAC or PC).
Автор Russell L. Brown
Язык английский
ISBN 0965740056
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