The Uruguay Round and Beyond: Essays in Honor

The Uruguay Round and Beyond: Essays in Honor of Arthur Dunkel

Greatly admired by the world community of policymakers and scholars of international trade, Arthur Dunkel is credited with having saved the Uruguay Round from failure. This volume - whose authors include the most distinguished trade policymakers and eminent academics from international economics and law - is a testimony to Dunkel's enormous standing in the trade community. The volume contains many accounts, by prominent players in the Uruguay Round negotiation, of what happened behind the scenes. These include Rubens Ricupero, now head of UNCTAD, on the developing countries' evolving positions; Indian Ambassador Zutshi on how the agreement on intellectual property protection was reached; and Secretary Clayton Yeutter on the negotiations in agriculture. Also of great interest are the authoritative analyses by major figures of new issues beyond the Uruguay Round. Sir Leon Brittan offers an analysis of the need to include competition policy in the WTO; Paul Volcker writes on the need to strengthen multilateralism in the rush to regionalism; Helmut Mauscher, chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce, on international business issues posed by accelerating globalization. The academic contributors bring scholarly viewpoints to bear on these new issues. Among them are Hon Jackson's analysis of sovereignty questions; Robert Hudec's of the evolution of the dispute settlement system under the GATT and current problems facing the WTO; Jagdish Bhagwati's of the issues raised by th...

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Год 1998
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