On the Rampage. Russell Mokhiber, Robert

On the Rampage

"Incisive."-Noam ChomskyFrom Worldcom to Coke, from Enron to the White House, these columns offer trenchant revelations of corporate dirty deeds. Featuring the 10 worst corporations and 10 reasons to dismantle the World trade organization, Mokhiber and Weissman take on the single greatest threat to Democracy: corporate power. The 10 most wanted corporations:Arthur AndersenBritish American Tobacco(BAT)CaterpillarCitigroupDynCorpM&M/MarsProcter & GambleSchering PloughShellWyeth

Авторы Russell Mokhiber , Robert Weissman
Язык английский
Год 2014
ISBN 1567512143
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Количество страниц 63 стр.
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