Call Center Operation: Design, Operation

Call Center Operation: Design, Operation, and Maintenance

"This book is educational, easy to understand, and not only a must for call center managers, but it will help CSRs understand the significant role they play in the overall operation of a call center, and in their organization's CRM strategies." Janet Sutherland, Senior Consultant, Performance Measurement, Bell Contact Centre Solutions, Toronto, Ontario Every customer-facing corporation has at least one call center. In the United States, call centers handle a billion calls per year. Call Center Operation gives you complete coverage of the critical issues involved in the design, implementation, organization, and management of a customer call center. Sharp provides information on advanced technology tools for workforce management, workshop examples for training call center staff, and an analysis of the significance of the call center to overall corporate customer relationship strategies. A special feature of the book is its focus on call center case studies, describing a number of successful call center strategies and best practices, selected from various business sectors - financial, retail, healthcare, travel, technology, and others. These case studies provide useful guidelines based on successful corporate call centers that will guide you in establishing and maintaining the most effective call center operation for your enterprise. - Presents key concepts and techniques, including a formal development process, in a real-world context. - Provides extensive management guidelines. - Stresses the importance of staff selection and training.

Автор Duane E. Sharp
Издательство Digital Press
Серия Enterprise computing series
Язык английский
Год 2003
ISBN 1-55558-277-X
Переплёт Мягкая обложка
Количество страниц 318
Код товара 9781555582777
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