The Nontoxic CEO: Protecting your People

The Nontoxic CEO: Protecting your People, Planet, and Profits Through Better Chemical Management

"Corporate responsibility" may seem oxymoronic in the present climate, but Mark Wysong believes it is crucial for both ultimate business success and protecting the health of people and the planet. In this timely book, the author introduces the concept ofCSTCM (Compliance-Side Total Chemical Management), a web of surprisingly simple strategies to help companies more skillfully — and economically — manage their environmental toxins. The Non-Toxic CEO is an illustrated blueprint for responsible compliance for such companies.

Автор Mark Wysong
Язык английский
Год 2014
ISBN 1582701059
Переплёт твердый
Количество страниц 320 стр.
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с 22 июня 2018
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