10 Insider Secrets(TM) Career Transition

10 Insider Secrets(TM) Career Transition Workshop: Discover Your Ideal Job In 24 Hours - Or Less!

3 Hours! That's all it takes to discover your ideal job - even in today's economy! This self-paced workshop helps you find a job you "actually" enjoy while making the money you deserve! You’ll have a new outlook on life! "10 Insider Secrets(TM) Career Transition Workshop" is a complete self-paced workshop that will help you identify what you "really" want to do for a living! With this workshop you’ll finally find a job you can be passionate about! It used to be that you had to spend thousands of dollars on a career coach to get the same kind of insight you'll get by completing this workshop! Why spend that kind of money? "10 Insider Secrets(TM) Career Transition Workshop" will help you discover your ideal job without having to hire an expensive career coach. This workshop is designed for people who want to succeed and find joy in life. Unlike any career book, tape, or workshop ever created, Todd Bermont takes you through a step-by-step process to finding your ideal job, as if you are sitting one-on-one with him in your own personal coaching session. Most career products were written decades ago and take months to complete. This workshop incorporates the latest tools and techniques for today's economy. You will discover your ideal job – fast and easily! There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a career coach when you can gain from the many years of coaching experience that Todd captures in this remarkably motivational, self-paced workshop. In this workshop you will learn how to: -- Awaken Your Passion -- Explore Your Life's Purpose -- Find a Job You Can Actually Enjoy -- Develop a Winning Game Plan -- Discover What You Really Want To Do For a Living If you spend just three hours completing this workshop, you will have a winning game plan to making a successful career transition! Just think, if you get your ideal job just one day faster as a result of this workshop, you will see at least, on average, a 700% return on your investment. Where are you going to find that kind of return? Why wait? Life is too short. This workshop will give you a whole new and exciting outlook on your life.

Автор Todd Bermont
Язык английский
Год 2013
ISBN 0971356947
Модель 4640008174585
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