Funding & Financial Execution for Early-Stage

Funding & Financial Execution for Early-Stage Companies

Funding & Financial Execution for Early-Stage Companies answers every entrepreneur’s key questions… · How does an early-stage company influence investor interest and valuation? · What key business elements drive the financial plan - do they validate your business model? · How should entrepreneurs plan for and target venture capital to achieve maximum success? · What alternatives to equity capital exist for early-stage companies - how are they useful? · What is the impact of dilutive financial terms buried within a term sheet? · What is "due diligence" and how do you avoid becoming a "tech wreck" during the process? · How do you spend your cash resources for human capital (your largest expense item) wisely? · How are options effectively used to maximize value? · What are the basics of a pragmatic but effective internal control structure? · What other common execution pitfalls confront most entrepreneurs? Funding & Financial Execution for Early-Stage Companies was written for entrepreneurs. In a straight forward, no nonsense manner, the mystique behind venture funding is unveiled. The written word is augmented with over 50 powerful visual diagrams, charts, tables and graphs. The content and layout draws beyond the author’s own extensive experience though the support of an extensive advisory board of entrepreneurial finance experts, successful technology entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial strategy experts. The strategy and tactics were further validated through interviews with top-shelf venture capitalists and venture consultants published by the author in the electronic newsletter "The Quicksilver Catalyst." Funding & Financial Execution for Early-Stage Companies is the number one knowledge source for entrepreneurs focused on creating and retaining company value.

Автор Rod Hoagland
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