Diversity Management : Triple Loop Learning ST100-8B. Robert L.  Flood, Norma R. A.  Romm. ISBN: 0471964492

Diversity Management : Triple Loop Learning

The approach known as Diversity Management, is about managing the increasing diversity of issues that confront us. It is a response to the ever growing number of approaches — more models, more methodologies and more theories — developed to tackle those issues. Diversity Management addresses this new issue to be confronted — how to choose between the models, methodologies and theories. The book, Diversity Management: Triple Loop Learning, will provide a strong intellectual contribution to the now widely debated issue of managing diversity. It carefully blends theory and practice in order to provide substance to the debate on diversity management in the social and systems sciences. The focus on triple loop learning increases the fullness of learning about the diversity of issues and dilemmas faced. It brings together three main learning centres in one overall awareness so that the process is more reflexive and those involved can operate more intelligently and responsibly. Diversity Management: Triple Loop Learning is thoroughly illustrated with case studies and shows theoreticians and interventionists how they can operate with a consciousness that is more than the sum of its parts.
Авторы Robert L. Flood , Norma R. A. Romm
Язык английский
ISBN 0471964492
Модель ST100-8B
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